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2019 Clipping Results

Presentation photos online now here

Clipping Competition results 2019

Junior Clipping
1. Emma Huisman & Trinity Congdon, AB
2. Cheyene Haak & Navi Salin, BC
3. Ashlee McAvoy & Kate MCure, BC
4. Devin Burnham, SK
5. Levi Congdon & Addison Wildeboer, AB

Intermediate Clipping
1. Kassi Archambault, BC
2. Isaac Boonstoppel, MB
3. Faith Baars, BC
4. Kyle Vandrager, BC
5. Stephane Chartier, MB

Senior Clipping
1. Mike Podchadley, BC
2. Jordan Vaandrager, SK
3. Martin Rypma, BC
4. James Pruim, SK
5. Leighton Slingerland, AB

Thanks to our clipping sponsors Wahl, Nutrisource, Lakeview Insurance and VanDjik Dairy